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“You do not need to be an athlete to be inspired by Adam’s story. Just read this book and discover your own personal power as you walk with Adam on his path to sobriety, faith, fulfillment, healing, and happiness.”
Peter Vidmar
Gymnastics World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist

It was never part of Adam Hill’s life ambition or his genetic constitution to wear a Speedo in public, let alone compete in a triathlon…

For the first three decades of life, Adam was the poster child for non-athleticism, obsessively unhealthy habits, and an intense fear of . . .
well . . . everything.

Yet at the age of thirty-three, with a physique that could only be described as “Sasquatch with a Dad Bod,” he put aside his insecurities and took his first step toward an outrageous dream: to qualify for the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.

It was a dream shared by nearly every other triathlete in the world, reserved for the top 1 percent of all athletes in the sport—a sport in which Adam had exactly zero experience.

In Shifting Gears, Adam shares his harrowing, inspiring, and sometimes clumsy story of transformation, from the origins of a debilitating anxiety disorder to his battle with alcoholism to his rise to the top of the triathlon world stage.

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Praise for Shifting Gears

“I met Adam Hill when we were neighbors living on the same street. He was training for his first Ironman. I had competed in a few Ironman races and thought I could give him some advice. After his race he told me of his results. It was then I learned he was already at another level. He didn’t need my advice, and there was great purpose in what he was doing. What I didn’t know at the time was that Adam was in the midst of a heroic personal journey that is powerfully described in Shifting Gears. You do not need to be an athlete to be inspired by Adam’s story. Just read this book and discover your own personal power as you walk with Adam on his path to sobriety, faith, fulfillment, healing, and happiness.”

Peter Vidmar
Gymnastics Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist

“Adam takes everything we know about the most challenging endurance event in the world and humanizes it in a delightful and thoughtful way. His unfiltered reveal is akin to Charlie Brown if he were a triathlete, but somehow Adam not only has his victories but. through his experiences, illuminates the potential that exists in all of us.”

Eban Hathaway
Emmy award-winning producer at 13 Productions and producer of Ironman: Quest for Kona

“Adam Hill shows how a shift in mindset sparked a transformation that lifted him out of despair and hopelessness and into a life of achievement and world-class fitness.”

Rebekah Keat
Six-time Iron Distance Champion and Owner of Team Sirius Triathlon Club

“What I love about Shifting Gears is that it explores mental, emotional, and physical health and using the growth in those to do something epic in our lives.”

Morgon Latimore
a.k.a. Coach Morgon, The Peoples Coach

“Adam Hill describes the transformation from addict to Ironman in a way that only he can. You will feel the struggle and laugh along the way with him in his radical transformation that has inspired so many people already. I’m proud to call him a friend and absolutely love this book.”

Mike Ergo
Ambassador of the Gold Star Initiative and Ironman Foundation, Co-Host of the Ginger and Chocolate Podcast, Marine Corps veteran, and Ironman triathlete

“Adam Hill’s excellent prose takes us down his personal path of MOST resistance to deal with addiction and anxiety en route to becoming an Ironman. If you have ever doubted what you could achieve, this book is basically required reading”

Brock Gibbs
Author of "My Coworkers Think I’m a Pro: Musings of an Age Group Triathlete"

Shifting Gears is an inspiring example of the power of the human spirit to triumph in the face of adversity. Beautifully written, Adam’s humor, wit, and raw honesty combine to make his otherwise unbelievable story accessible and relatable to anyone seeking to change their life or to pursue a wild dream. Adam is a man of many talents, but perhaps his greatest gift is his ability to help others find the courage to turn their own idiosyncrasies into superpowers, just as he has done himself. This book is a must-read for anyone who has ever wondered what if?”

Alyson Watson
Woodard and Curran

“Adam’s story carves a course through the impossible, empowering his readers, through disarming honesty and a dash of humor, to take on their own ‘impossible.”

Eric Beach
Founder of Project Echelon, writer, and iron-distance triathlon finisher

“Adam Hill has been my Coach and friend for 5 years. When I read Shifting Gears, Adam shows that there is always hope amid our greatest challenges. Want to be inspired? Read this book!”